Rodent Control in Sacramento – Elk Grove – Roseville – Davis and Surrounding Areas

Finding out that you have rats in your home can be unsettling. Rodents running about your attic, basement, or crawlspaces are a hazard. Aside from damage caused by gnawing and nesting, they can transmit disease through waste and saliva. Although it is unlikely that you will actually contract any illness, the longer these vermin have free reign of your home, the greater the damage and parasite infestation they will leave behind. When the rodents do finally leave, parasites such as ticks and fleas will look for a new host (possibly you). At Pinnacle Pest Control we eliminate the rodents, the waste, the parasites, and fix any damage left behind.


Pinnacle Pest Control was formed to specifically deal with rodent infestations and we are experts in:

  1. Removing Rodents
  2. Preventing Future Infestations
  3. Sanitizing and Restoring Attic Space, Crawl Spaces, Garages, etc
  4. Repair of Damaged Wiring, Structural Wood, Insulation, Roofing, Fascia or Soffit areas.


Because of the potential hazards with rodent infestations, we have developed a comprehensive control process. This process is composed of a methodical 4-step procedure that is designed to :

  • Remedy your Current Rodent Infestation
  • Prevent a New Infestation from Occurring
  • Decontaminate all Areas Affected by the Infestation
  • Layout a Procedure to Control the Rat Population Around your Home or Business

We work to control your infestation immediately! Our technicians are trained at identifying rodent entry points and run through a checklist with a diagram from the moment they identify the problem. They then apply our 4-step process and devise a comprehensive plan that is tailor-made to fit your home or business. We are very confident in our approach to rodent control and we offer a 2 year guarantee against future rat infestations.

Our Rodent Control Process typically takes anywhere from two to four weeks and once we have completed our entire process we guarantee that if the rodents come back during the following two years, we will take care of the problem. If at any point you suspect that the rodents are back, just give us a call and we will come back and take care of the issue again, free of charge.

Rodent Control Process:

Step 1Trapping and Removal of Rats

Our rat trapping and removal process is designed to eliminate the rats that have caused the original infestation. We use traps and rodent exclusion to remove the rats from your attic. Often our clients will tell us that they already tried traps without success. This is a common problem because rats will typically stick with a consistent food source, even when presented with different or even better options. The best way to combat this is to close all possible entry points on the home while we use the traps. This forces them to the food on our traps.

Step 2Sealing All Possible Entry Points (Exclusion)

This is a very important part of our process and we pay careful attention to detail. Our technicians identify and neatly (nearly unnoticeable alterations) close all of the entry points that the rats are using or can use in the future. This allows us to completely protect your home with our Guaranteed 2 year protection plan

Step 3Attic Restoration & Decontamination

Rats eliminate, nest, forage, and feed. Urine and fecal waste soaks into the attic insulation or building material and after a while, dangerous fungal spore are released as the urine and feces begins to breakdown. These spores can travel the entire home because rodents typically chew into ventilation ductwork. To make matters worse, once the building material is soaked with excrement, the scents will attract other rodents or animals that will see your home as a safe place to “nest”. The attraction is so strong that outside rodents will chew on the exterior areas of your home and try to gain access.

Pinnacle Pest Control treats the attic with a blend of natural organisms that encapsulate and consume rodent urine odor. We will also replace soiled insulation with TAP insulation to current building codes.

Step 4 Population Control

The final step to insuring that Rats don’t come back inside is to control the outdoor populations that cause damage to the exterior of your home and landscaping. Our technician will review with you a population control procedure that includes the placement of rodent bait stations around the perimeter of your home or business. The stations are filled with rodenticide that will eliminate rats when they ingest it. Please note that these types of bait stations should not be used around a home that hasn’t been properly protected against rodent entry (exclusion). Otherwise, rats will enter the home and die from the rodenticide.

The graphic below shows some of the areas that we focus on to help in rodent control.

Each area below represents either an entry point or a factor that would attract rodents to your home.