Pinnacle Pest Control provides timely and effective rodent prevention & control to all of Folsom. Here are some rodent control tips…


We strive to swiftly & safely control these pests that threaten your home or business throughout the Folsom area.  With a population of around 72,000, Folsom is a primary service area for our company that we service on a daily basis.We have found rodents to be highly adaptable creatures and can be extremely difficult to exterminate. They tend to be rapid breeders and populations can grow quickly under the right conditions. Further, rodent infestations can cause considerable damage to infested buildings and local agriculture. These pests are also known carriers of many diseases that can infect humans.

Sanitation and prevention are essential when it comes to rodent control.

If sanitation measures aren’t properly maintained, the benefits of other measures will be lost and rodents will quickly return.  This means that cleanliness, inside, and rodent proofing around, buildings, will reduce available shelter and food sources for rodents such as roof rats.

For exterior areas, we recommend collecting garbage, trash, and garden debris frequently, and ensuring all garbage receptacles have tight-fitting covers.

Where dogs are kept and fed outdoors, rodents can become a problem if there is a ready supply of dog food.  When food, water, and shelter are available, rodent populations will increase. So be sure to feed your pet only the amount of food it will eat at a feeding, and store pet food in rodent-proof containers.

As for controlling rodents indoors, many feel traps are best.

When rodenticides (toxic baits) are used in structures, rodents can die in inaccessible locations such as within walls or ceilings. In hot weather, the stench of a dead rat can be unbearable and can necessitate cutting a hole in the wall to remove the carcass. Also, fleas and mites often leave dead rat carcasses and can infest the entire house if the rodent isn’t removed promptly.

To safely protect your home from unwanted visitors, be sure to call a pest control professional.  We at Pinnacle Pest Control service Folsom each day and have learned quite a bit about the local area and its history.As part of Sacramento County, Folsom is historically most commonly known for the harsh conditions of Folsom Prison, in the decades following the California Gold Rush.

The history of Folsom is much more than the story of the prison. Folsom was named for Joseph Libbey Folsom; who purchased Rancho Rio de los Americanos, from the heirs of a San Francisco merchant. The city prospered due to Joseph Folsom’s lobbying to get a railway to connect the town with Sacramento. This railway was abandoned in the 1980s but opened up as the terminus of the Gold Line of Sacramento Regional Transit District’s light rail service in 2005.

Historically, Folsom is also known for the Folsom Powerhouse that opened in 1895 and operated until 1952 and it’s now a National Historic Landmark. At the time it was opened, it had the longest overhead run of electricity (22 miles) in the country and it was one of the first hydroelectric plants in the county.