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We offer:

  • 2 Year guarantee on Rodent Control.
  • Immediate Service throughout the greater Sacramento Area.
  • Experienced Rodent Elimination, Prevention, Cleanout, & Restoration Services.


What to Expect on Your Appointment

The technician will survey your premises and draw a diagram of the structure to label the areas that need attention. We tend to see patterns with the rodents we encounter and they will typically nest in certain areas. Drawing from our experience and our direct observations, we will discuss the situation with you and review a customized plan on repairs. You will be provided with a free written estimate on the proposed work. Should there be damaged or soiled insulation in the rodents nesting area, we will provide you options for cleanup, replacement and disinfecting the area.

We will discuss the project with you and go over what needs to be repaired or changed to rodent proof the structure. If you choose to go ahead with the project, we will schedule dates for the work to be done. We will schedule a time for our technician to set rodent traps and schedule a time for the repair work to be done. When the technician is done setting the traps, he will schedule a follow up appointment to service the traps and make sure all the rodents are removed from your home or office. Our rodent technician will return by appointment to service the traps until all rodents have been removed. The rodent exclusion and attic decontamination will be done on a separate date(s). On the date(s) of the appointment, our crew will use the original rodent access diagram, and they will be equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to seal the rodent access points and/or remove and replace the soiled insulation. All of our technicians are licensed and trained to perform rodent proofing work and they will do their best to ensure a durable and aesthetically acceptable repair.